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Nutec Digital Ink - JeTech Inc is proud to represent Nutec Digital Ink in NA


  Are all inks made equal?


My experience with ink and specifically digital ink is going back over 5 years and 3 different ink manufacturer. Based on the above I can say with high certainty that the answer is: NO. Many manufacturers will stop developing their product right at the point it is marginally working and by the way this is true for OEM products too. OEM inks are developed until certain goals were achieved and this is where it usually stops.

So, what ink to choose?

The answer is: There is a better ink company out there! One above the others –  Nutec Digital!


Nutec Digital inks has all the fundamentals in place:

  • Nutec digital is managed by the same people who started the famous TechInk, which was for many years the largest digital ink manufacturer in the world!
  • Nutec digital R&D people are those who worked directly with equipment manufacturers around the world. Their extensive knowledge about the equipment and its own environment is what makes them so successful.
  • Nutec digital trialed thousands of dispersions and pigments and came up with the best, highest quality pigments in the market to use with their ink sets.
  • Nutec digital ink formulations are the most stable and will protect your equipment and investment thus reducing down times, maintenance, and waste = increase your yield! You can do much more when running Nutec ink in the veins of your equipment.
  • Nutec digital has its own Tech support department and in the US it will be supported by JeTech Inc.
  • Nutec digital ink prices are extremely competitive and for such supreme quality inks, it is a no-brainer. Switch and start saving!


The biggest buzz in the market these days involved with “Nano inks” which is a submicron pigment size. “Nano ink” allows equipment manufacturer to operate at extremely high speeds. Nutec digital is already doing it! Their submicron pigments and proprietary filtering system allows them to create ink sets that are cross platform and will work with many different print heads and printing equipment. This is the ideal target – having a single ink set to work with your entire solvent printers or another single formulation to work with your different UV platforms.


My experience with Nutec Digital ink-sets is over a year and not even a single print head was replaced! In fact, it revived an XP2700 that was ready to be shut off and XP5100 which had about 6 print heads in poor condition. Both machines are operating to the max performance without replacing a single print head. This fact is amazing to me.

The same solvent ink will work on XL1200, XL1500, TJ8300, TJ8350, Vutek 5330, 3360, Fuji UViStar, Matan Barak HQ and many more. In fact, I had it going into TJ8300 which was standing for a year and this ink just worked through the buildup turning this machine nozzle status to almost a perfect one!

I have seen different types of inks but never experienced such great products. It made my decision to rep for Nutec a simple one – their products work! It works so good that I am going to categorize it as Supreme.

Although it is a supreme product it doesn’t come with the high price tag you would expect from such quality products. It is as if you are getting gold for the price of silver. Now we have a great combination.

But wait! That is not all. Nutec digital inks have extremely high densities. You may say so do some other ink sets. it will be correct. However, what differentiate Nutec inks from the rest is the dot gain or the surface coverage. High densities with ink that doesn’t cover well creates heavy graininess looking images and low quality prints thus you need to use more ink. The combination of excellent surface coverage with high densities is a key for saving with ink usage along with implementing proper color correction. Nutec’s Black pigment is so rich and deep which gives another edge when using full process black. Your CMY components can shrink now and that translates immediately to better Grays and ink savings. Conclusion - initial price is not all!

We all know how difficult of a decision is to switch ink to another manufacturer but Nutec Digital has all the elements dialed in, reputation, reasonable prices, tech support and above all amazing ink sets which will work on more than one platform, thus, reducing logistics, possible mistakes, warehousing etc.

Nutec Digital picked up where the OEM stopped!


Contact us today to find out what we can do for your equipment. 404-641-4088


SKYJET Innovation for a lot less!!!


We are proud to present SKYJET!


SKYJET is one of the solid digital printing equipment manufacturers. Their 12 years of operation and over 3000 printers out there, proving stability and strength. They show a growth in sales and revenue each and every year. SKYJET equipment is receiving excellent reviews from organizations like Flaar. Their equipment is well built industrial equipment. Easy to maintain and handle. 

SKYJET Brand Logo

Solid and strong structured equipment is just one fan of this company, innovation is the other one. SKYJET developed and patented quite a few features which among them are arc shaped printing, allows for printing directly on top of a rubber roll. This feature ensures excellent media tracking and minimum wrinkles. The latter are the number one cause for waste and print head crushes with other manufacturers. Another innovation is utilizing the above technology to print both sides at the same time with perfect registration, good for backlit and blockout applications.

JeTech Inc is proud to represent SKYJET and sell their products in NA.

Here are some additional reasons why SKYJET:

1.    Solvent and UV.
2.    4-6 colors.
3.    UV white and Varnish.
4.    Jetting UV Primer to improve Adhesion through the PH.
5.    Up to 1440 dpi.
6.    14pL Konica Minolta robust print heads.
7.    512 nozzles per print head.
8.    6 levels IT UV curing system.
9.    Sanyo motion system.
10.  Roll to Roll, Flatbeds & Combos at extremely affordable price.
Buy your system today! Prices are starting at a low $40K.


MTL Print Open House

MTL Print - Grand Format Flatbed Manufacturer   

MTL Print the creators of Meital304D - Fast Grand Format UV Flatbed with dual exchangable beds!


Come celebrate with us! 

MTL Print is a young company based in Israel. MTL Print  owners are lead by Mr. Markovitz and Mr. Nur, founders of Nur macroprinters which was acquired by HP and merged into their HP/Scitex grand format printers devision. MTL Print creation is a cutting edge Flatbed with print speed excedding 2600 square feet per hour. It also incorporates 2 exchangeable printing beds which takes loading and unloading times to zero!

Watch the video below to see it in action


Here are some of the features:

  • Variable DOT with 6pL drop size.
  • Only 4 colors no need for light colors.
  • No purging.
  • Very low ink consumption!
  • Up to 1080 DPI.
  • Exchangeable beds with minimal Load/Unload.
  • Small foot print.
  • Low utility.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Supported by Caldera - The No. 1 RIP software.


Now...  to our celebration! 

Together with Parallax Digital Studios, our US based demo site and partner, we would like to invite you to our open house taking place at  Parallax Digital new location. This event will take place during May 10th  (Thursday) and  11th (Friday), 2012.

This will be an hands on experience along with demonstration of our Meital304D in action.

Just contact us and reserve your place. We will take care of the rest, flights, accomadations and entertainment.

Take advantage of one of a kind experience and come face to face with a cutting edge technology... Oh! and the news guys are also going to be there.... Reserve your spot today.!

See you soon!

JeTech Inc is getting a "face lift"

JeTech Inc new look

JeTech Inc - A Grand Format services provider, NEW LOOK!


JeTech Inc is proud to present our new cutting edge website with easy navigation. you will find videos and promotions of our partners and getting in touch with us is as easy as sending a quick email or calling us.

This new platform will allow us grow and add more features such as this blog. Our news letters and JeTechnology publications will be also published here for you to review. 

We would love to hear your opinion about our new look and features. Any comments are welcome.

See you in future posts.

Asher Adar

JeTech Inc.

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